Not that I am in the business of product reviews, but I have to say that I have been very happy with my KangaSac products, and have been the recipient of some excellent customer service from the company.

I own four snack bags and two sandwich bags – they are lovely colours, wash up easily (by hand for small messes, or in the washing machine for very messy bags), dry quickly and are easy to use for even the smallest hands. I have had a few of them for over two years, and the others are about 18 months old. Sadly, the zipper pull fell off one of the sandwich bags a few weeks ago. I emailed the company to inquire about a replacement part, and they offered to just send me a replacement. The replacement bag came within a week, no questions asked – I was very happy. I know that people are much more inclined to complain about poor service than to provide thanks for good service, so I just decided to share my appreciation online.


Reading habits change…

For years after finishing university, I read fiction books nearly exclusively, likely for a brain vacation after years of skeletal analysis and so many different kinds of theory. Since having children, I notice that I am much more likely to have non-fiction books in the queue – perhaps they suffer less from interruptions? When reviewing my to-read pile for the CBR, there only a few novels (most partly finished and then abandoned), interspersed with non-fiction and the graphic novels I have been picking up lately. Is it having less time, something to do with spending more time on the internet and having a lesser attention span?

My coming soon list now includes finishing Matthew Flinder’s Cat by Bryce Courtenay. I was about 1/4 of the way through this interesting novel, and then it was abandoned last spring. No more abandoning books! (I wish the anniversary edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum could count as a review; what a strange, disturbing and complex graphic novel)

Fascinating update:  it seems my reading list is somewhat at the mercy of the library. My reserved copy of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is finally in, so I guess that is next on the list.

Coming soon…

As I am feeling both ambitious AND accomplished after successfully posting a review, I am committing in writing to my next few book reviews:

Packing for Mars, Mary Roach

Good Omens, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

The Paper Garden, Molly Peacock

Star Trek comic collection, The Key Collection (maybe – I have to review the criteria around including graphic novels, but these are dense for a comic book and so inadvertently funny it would be a shame not to share…)

Cannonball Read Begins Anew

For those that find themselves here accidentally, there exists a snarky little cultural review website called Pajiba. You can find it here.

One of the less snarky projects associated with Pajiba is the Cannonball Read, where participants read and review books. Sounds fascinating, I know, but there you are. Or, more accurately, here you are. Reviews to come.