Preserving Summer

A few weeks ago I got the last box of peaches at the fruit truck, and let them ripen a bit. I ended up canning seven litres of peaches. They are just so delicious – I can’t believe I haven’t done that before. I might try to do some pears, if I can still find some fresh. I used the very simple recipe from Food in Jars.


I also finished canning my beets when I was home sick for a few days. Sometimes it is so hard to find the time to finish a project with small kids running around, always having a class or something to do.


My golden beets did not germinate well this year, and some of the chiogga beets were stolen from the garden, but I saved enough to do up a few litres of them together. Last year my harvest was better, so did jars made up entirely of golden beets, but the mix of the two has made for a much rosier brine. They are so pretty. The others are just normal Bull’s Blood beets – such a dark red-purple. I forgot the salt in my last batch, but the salt is for flavour rather than a key ingredient in preservation, so that should be fine. That might be it for me this year, until I do a few jars of marmalade closer to Christmas.

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